Friday, June 11, 2010

hospital roulette

Hey all!! So this weekend is my little sister's college orientation. she's starting at the same tiny university i am going to but definitely NOT majoring in nursing. somehow she got the creative gene in the family. she's double majoring in fashion and environmental design. weird i know, but she's got some skill when it comes to things like that. anyway since she's here my mother came with her... lets just say i'm happy to be at work right now. it really hasnt been that terrible, she just makes me uncomfortable. i'm sad to say that i dont know how to act around my own mother. she doesnt know me. and if i'm honest, i dont know her. those two things make for awkward and uncomfortable conversation.

ok now for some fun stories. the last week and half at work has been interesting.
two clients stick out in my memory.
1. an elderly man who was sure the hospital staff and i were terrorists and that he was being kept captive. we kept reassuring him he was in the hospital and that he was safe. soon he started telling us what we wanted to hear but it was plain he didnt believe any of it. my night shift was nearly finished when he started getting out of bed. this dude was in no shape to be getting out of bed. his condition made him prone to just collapsing while walking. it is my job to keep patients like him in bed. while talking to him and trying to get him to understand this he began to warn me that if i dont let him go someone was going to get hurt. i called some techs in to help me talk him down. this happened about three times. the last time the man stood up and before i can do anything took a swing at my head. i backed out of his reach but then he began to loose balance. i caught him before he hit the floor and carried him to the bed. now he is pissed and hollering that i attacked him. the staff of course comes running. as soon as one of the nurses came the patient tries to hit her too. long story short, security finally got there and held him while the nurse gave him something to calm him down. i agreed to stay with him until he was safe. a few hours later he woke up again, looked at me, smiled, and introduced himself. he didnt remember any of the previous night. i could not believe it.
2. wicked, and i mean wicked old lady laying in bed, seemingly sweet, asked for her purse. i found it and handed it over to her. she started rifling through it, pulled out a mirror, some gum, and a few other classic old lady purse occupants, put everything back, and handed it back. not really anything out of the ordinary. about half hour later i saw her hands moving moving under the sheet. i asked what she was doing and she got all weird about it. i asked to see her hands, pulled the sheets back, and found that she had a sizable pocket knife. she was trying to cut her iv and o2 tubing. she started screaming about how we were poisoning her. i explained that we werent poisoning her and that her medicine was going through the tubes. she acted like she was going to give me the knife but then turned and acted like she was going to cut me instead. that was my limit. i called the techs, who in turn, called security. The lady started screaming about how she had been waiting for the right time to strike the whole time. how she conned me into giving her her purse and how she knew she had a knife hidden(and she would have gotten away with it if it werent for those meddling kids.) luckily they gave her something to calm her down and she slept the rest of my shift.
can i just say..... i LOVE my job!!

i've been working at TON because i'm planning on going to idaho for the fourth of july weekend. my social worker roommate( you know what? shes not my roommate any more since she graduated... lets call her kjw from now on). her parents won some kind of vacation home for the week and invited kjw and her sister's college friends to come hang out. i'm excited. i love spending time with her family. but plane tickets cost a lot. its a good thing i like my job so much.

in order to pay for plane tickets i had to open a checking account. and i know what you're thinking... yes, i've gone all this time without a checking account. i know i'm weird, you can quit bringing it up now. :) did you know it takes almost two weeks(in business days) to set up an account. i figured that since it was all electronic it would be instant or at most a couple days. well i guess i was wrong.

LAST thing. does anyone else watch glee?! its my favorite show on tv right now. the season finale was last tuesday and it was really good. i cried like three times. they packed so much material into that small 43 minute slot. i cant wait for next season. i'm in love with lea micheles voice and dianna agron (who proved herself in the finale and i'm excited what the writers have in store for her) is just, wow. and i could on and on about the rest of that cast, but i'll spare you all. although if i'm honest, i know the show wont stay amazing for much longer after the second season, if it stays that long. i know its been picked up for a third season already but...well we'll see.

i love you all and hope everyone is staying safe. i know the weather has been a might bit unpredictable around here. but thats what you get with illinois summers.

may God bless
all for now

This is my pallet where i slept for awhile this summer. its in the basement where im keeping all my stuff this summer. i've been told it looks like i live in an iraqi prison.

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