Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summers begining

hey all! hope everybodys is going well. after celebrate life, my life was relatively uneventful for a few weeks. but the last week has been full of activities.

last tuesday GLEE was on! i dont have tv at my sisters house(which is where i'm staying over the summer) so i every tuesday i have to scavenge for a cable connection somewhere in town. i tried what we at my tiny university call the 'red room'(named because the walls are painted red. who would have thought?:)) but the student workers there said they didnt have the keys to the remotes to change the channel on the tvs. *begin rant* ok first, i'm sorry, you are the keeper of the building. hell, not just the building, the whole campus. if anyone needs anything and they call the main number of my tiny university, that number leads to these people. if someone is visiting and they are lost they are always directed to these people. these people are THE GATEKEEPERS how in the world do they not have the keys to a remote control. *end rant* so i make my way around campus and end up kinda breaking into parrott lobby. its not as bad as you think. it was my freshman dorm and i remembered a trick to get the door open.

thursday my day started at 6am. (keep in mind i fell asleep at 4am.) my (old) social worker roommate and i made our way to milwaukee to go see an astros/brewers baseball game. i'm not much of a sports watcher. i mean i can enjoy watching sports but its not something i do unless i'm with someone who is a sports watcher. my roomie is one heck of sports fan. baseball is her second favorite sport and the 'tros are her team (footballs the first and we share the packers as our team of choice) (however my baseball team is the cardinals) anyway back to the story... we get there we eat the classic stadium foods. we find our seats and realize they are going to be in the sun the WHOLE time. so we go buy some sunscreen at the gift shop(six bucks for i think 4 ounces) my roomie put some on but i'm awesome and of course refused any block. ps i dont burn, i tan. thats right be jealous. the game was the all right overall. the astros were winning the majority of the time but things went down hill and they ended losing. of course we are in wisconsin and the astros are from texas. my roommate is the only red jersey in the whole stadium. we got mocked a bit. but nothing to terrible.
on our way back how we took a scenic route thanks to gracie(the gps. the whole time i kept calling it the wrong name. i came up with some winners. but i finally got the name right and added my own twist. i settled on calling the navigational device gracie lou freebush. extra points if you can name that movie.) it was great, we sang songs. listened to papa dont preach as sung by dianna agron of GLEE like fifty times. took some random detour route that i'm pretty sure led us all the way round southern wisconsin. finally we made it through chicago and back to our small town. we stop for some photo opportunities along the way of course. also on the way back i discovered that i'm not as BA as i alway claim to be and that i do indeed burn. i have never burned in my entire life. ok so yeah sometimes my skin will get a little red and itchy after going to a waterpark. but i had never experienced what my fair skinned friends talked about when they would talk about burns. i couldnt move my arms. or my knees both were burned so bad. my pain level on a scale of 0-10 was like a constant five. to put in perspective, i took pain meds. i dont ever take pain meds. i dont even own pain meds. still today, five days later, i hurt. once we got home, we went to fridays and finished out our day with an awesome dinner. that was one of my top days.

on friday my sister, brotherinlaw, nephew, and i drove down to my parents house for my baby sister's high school graduation. my oldest sister, her husband and their daughter drove from out east as well. the ceremony was on saturday night. we all hung out and had a good time. i love my sisters and my baby sister and i are bffs. i love her very much. my parents were... well my parents. it was the first time i had been back to their house since christmas and i'll honestly be ok not going back till thanksgiving.
the thing about being the youngest of a fair few of siblings is parents tend to quit caring after awhile. this is good and bad. but for a thing like a graduation party its not good. i kinda feel like my baby sister got screwed. no one seemed to really be celebrating the fact she had accomplished something.(yeah i know she just graduated high school, but its still a big deal to the graduate right?) i remember my graduation party being more party like. her party just felt like a family gathering that featured a cake with her name on it. but whatever, if she was happy i'm happy. soon she'll be here with me at my tiny university and we wont have to worry (much) about my parents. i'm looking forward to that day.

today(i should proly say yesterday seeing its almost three in the morning) is/was memorial day. on top of remembering those who died for our rights and freedoms, i also want to remember those who have passed away in my life. my dad's mother and father passed away over christmas break. i love them very much. and miss them. i look forward to seeing them in their new bodies when Jesus comes back. also my friend kenny. we were new friends when he passed but my memories of him are full of joy. you are missed man.

last but not least on my list. as i mentioned before, i live with my sister and brotherinlaw. another couple lives with them. i'm very tight with this other couple. tighter than i am with my own blood. they are like my family. well they moved out this weekend. i'm sad to see them go but i know it's for the best. i was looking forward to getting their old room because i've been sleeping in the basement which i've been told looks like an iraqi prison so far this summer. well no such luck. even more people have moved into our tiny house upon my friends departure. so not only do i feel more crowded in my house, i'm now in danger of losing the couch i would sneak upstairs and sleep on in hopes of staving off the growth of mold in my lungs. why dont i move you ask? well i literally dont have anywhere else to go. but i may start sleeping in my car as a last resort. at least i still have a place to keep my stuff if that has to happen. cause believe me living entirely in your car SUCKS.

well i'm work right now and it 3 in the morning. i work till 5am. then i sleep, wake up around 2pm go back to work from 5pm-5am. i need the hours so im totally ok with it. however i'm going to miss GLEE tonight. that makes me sad. but the money is going to buy me a plane ticket to idaho for the fourth of july so that makes me happy again.

ok now really this is the last thing. i mentioned i'm at work. well i have an 'as needed' position at my hospital i work at. recently i have not been needed so i havent worked. me not being needed means that are less sick people which is generally a good thing. but me not being needed means me not getting money. sick people=money. how terrible is that? yet at the same time thats the profession i'm going into. i know this isnt some shocking revelation or anything. i just kinda felt bad being upset that i wasnt working but that really meant i was wishing people sick. ok i'm done being philosophical.

much love to everyone out there. my God bless you
all for now

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