Wednesday, March 10, 2010

hello all! its spring break at my tiny university and i've spent it here. i know sounds boring but i had a choice to make: either go somewhere and spend money or stay here and make money.

i've done more than work though. my social worker roommate is staying because shes interning. we're hanging out and having an awesome time. on sunday, we went grocery shopping and have been making and eating meals together. we've been watching movies and tonight is GLEE! and i rented a video game i've been dying to play.

i've been getting some alone time too. today i went for a walk around campus on my way to dq and jimmy johns(i needed some day-old bread and i've been really craving ice cream). i love taking walks, listening to my ever present ipod, and just looking at the world around me. today the sun keeps trying to peak out from the clouds but just cant seem to get over its shyness. the campus will soon be alive with color, but right now i'm happy with green making its big solo come back. its really windy today but its not the usually bitter cold wind from the north. no, today it is a warm southern wind that is warm and soothing. just perfect for my walk.

right now i'm munching on my lunch. cheddar cheese, grapes, banana, and french bread. mmmm. so tasty. i'm watching sabrina the teenage witch. oh, childhood memories. i just saw a commercial for the dog whisperer. i dont know why but that show always reminds me of a dear friend who now lives in california.

i dont have anything funny or amusing to say today so i'm just going to end with this: right now my favorite show on tv is GLEE. and yes for some reason every time i write it, it has to be in caps. five more weeks and the spring season starts!! i cant even describe how much i love the show. after i saw the first episode i was in love with the characters and the music is just....epic. there are no words. and a bonus: i love the actors. generally they seem to be down to earth people and really admire their work both on and off the set. two in particular that i just cant get over are lea michele and dianna agron. off the set they are both devoted to making the world a better place, especially ms. agron. and ms. michele is without question one of the best musical artists ever. ok enough being the giant fangirl that i am.

hope all my university friends are enjoying their spring break. and hope everyone else is having a great day.

all for now

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