Thursday, February 25, 2010

christmas survival

All right so counteract all my emo-ness from the previous post i wanted to share with all of you my story from Christmas break.

the day after the fight with my parents(check out the previous post) i left their house and made my way back up to my tiny university. however there was still two weeks left of break. and i realized i had no where to go. now yes, i could have stayed at my sisters house(she lives in the same town as my school), but she just had a kid. at this time we were still waiting for my nephew to come into the world and if any of you have tried preparing the house for a kid, you know that mom goes through this thing call nesting. my sister had the house in pieces getting the nursery ready(we have a really small house.) the only place i could sleep was the couch and that had been moved into the computer room. there was literally no place for me to be without being in the way. so i decided to move back into my apartment at school.

now my university closes the campus during Christmas breaks and the students are not allowed in the housing while campus is closed. so yes, i was breaking the rules. i'm going to apologize now to my RA and RD. i'm sorry.

well now that i'm moved back into what has become home and all comfy i realize i'm kinda hungry. but i wasnt planning on being on my own the last two weeks. i hadnt worked so i had no money and even though i had already arranged for some hours at my job i wasnt going to get paid until the week school started back up. i literally had NO money and i had NO food in the apartment. actually i take that back. i had a jar of jelly. mmmm jelly.

i ran over to my sister's house because i remembered she had a numerous amount of pizza rolls in her freezer. see, my sister is a research chemist for a food oil company. at her job she works with a lot of different food companies testing oils and other things i honestly dont understand. she often gets to bring some of her work home. we've had pie crusts, onion rings, oreos, all kinds of stuff. last months work: pizza rolls. so i snagged a few bags of pizza rolls and proceeded to eat 10 pizza rolls a day for the next two weeks. good thing i like pizza rolls.

the second to last night i was getting tired of my tasty pockets of fake italian. so i rummaged around what food my roommates had in the pantry. i found a bag of pretzels that was nothing more than crumbs. i mixed those crumbs with the jelly i had in the fridge and had the most wonderful dinner of all time.

after those two weeks the food service at school tasted soooooo good.

that all for tonight. sweet dreams everyone

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